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Through the Whistleblower Reporting Channel, employees, collaborators, and third parties of Löfs Ab Oy can confidentially report suspected serious misconduct. The background of this reporting channel is the Whistleblowing Directive enacted by the EU in 2019, aiming to protect individuals who wish to expose wrongdoing within their organizations. The reported misconduct may relate to environmental protection, traffic safety, public finance, competition rules, or public health.

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We encourage employees to first contact their immediate supervisor. With the new reporting channel, it is now possible to report suspicions of misconduct anonymously. It is essential that everyone reports any suspected misconduct that goes against Löfs Ab Oy’s principles, values, or guidelines. This gives us the opportunity to address, prevent, or rectify any inappropriate behavior or misconduct.

Individuals who submit reports are protected from retaliation. Whistleblowers should not face actions such as termination, demotion, salary reduction, intimidation, or termination of subcontractor agreements. This protection also extends to whistleblowers’ assistants if they provide guidance or assistance in making a report.

The reporting channel is intended for good-faith reports of misconduct. Using the channel for malicious intent, harassment, or revenge is not allowed, and reports made for these purposes may result in actions against the whistleblower.

Handling of Reports

We take all reports seriously. Reports submitted through the reporting channel will be handled confidentially by Löfs Ab Oy’s Whistleblowing Team, ensuring that each case is processed appropriately following the agreed-upon procedure. Only team members have access to the reports. If the whistleblower has provided contact information, the team may request additional details during the processing. Team members are bound by confidentiality regarding the cases they handle.

Protection of Mentioned Individuals and Their Right to Information

Information collected in reports is treated confidentially and subject to appropriate data protection legislation.

Data Deletion

Personal data in the register is kept confidential. Löfs Ab Oy retains information for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected and processed, or as long as required by law and regulatory requirements for data retention.

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You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicions, but reports must always be made honestly, in good faith, and with sincerity. We ask you to describe inappropriate conduct with sufficient detail so that we can investigate the matter.

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